On Introductions

Hello, I am Ndro, or Dom, whichever seems most apt, and this is my blog.

Ok, probably should write more before the tumbleweeds set in. I always suck at introductions, if there’s one thing I detest the most it’s writing about myself. Anyway, yes, as mentioned I am the eponymous Ndro (an assumed pseudonym of one Dom Barlow, on the occasions he’s willing to admit as such), an individual originally from London but currently trying to make a go of it in the North East of England. I’m quite a creative individual, a Graphic Designer by trade, prone to random outbursts of creativity in written form, I’m also a massive geek, with video games and  films being a particular weakness of mine, along with the furry fandom (which is a wonderful stress reliever if you can avoid the obligatory drama) and would you believe this is something like my fourth or fifth attempt at blogging in my 23 years of existence thus far.

Yes, 4 or 5. Most previous attempts died because of lack of interest, usually due to either other obligations (A-levels, University, real life &c.) or the angry teen I was at the time got distracted by the next shiny thing like some kind of irate magpie. Either way I imagine I’ve left a string of half-finished rantings across the internet that total won’t be dug up and used against me at some indeterminate point in the future. At All.

But, this time I hope will be different. In the intervening years I’ve discovered Twitter and the joys of broadcasting my opinions on things (of which there are many, trust me) to an unsuspecting universe, but 140 characters is often not enough to express a complex opinion, at least not in any coherent way. I also have begun uploading the fiction I write for my own entertainment to the internet for yours, and since the existing art sites (see the DeviantArt and Weasyl links up top there) I use are of varied use for writers, I figured a service that’s based of the written word would be ideal. Either way, I have the kind of motivation now to keep at it.

Now let’s just see how long it’ll stick.
Until next time, folks

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