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Ndro (n.) - [En-droe] A vaguely out there writing furry who inhabits a corner of the United Kingdom. Possibly against it's will. To answer your questions: Yes, No, Yes, Yes, Milton Keynes, Twice, With ham, Twenty Seven and Borange.

Century23: …But It Pours (Part 1)

“Sorry you got mixed up in all this, Limey” Paul Quine piped up, with a tangible insincerity in his voice, fidgeting with his ill-fitting fake designer suit, “You and the Sniper. Didn’t mean to get anyone killed. You guys could have just let me go and we’d be done with it”
“You think this’ll just end here, Quine?” From his chair the Englishman glared daggers up at the smug, fake-tanned visage of the datashark, trying to free his hands from the rope binding him to the chair again, “I won’t be the last to come after you, you can count on that, you turncoat little shit. Don’t think you can ever rest easy, Weißmann’s gonna want your head on his desk one way or another”
“Yeah, well, if you’re the best of the best looks like I’ve got a fighting chance, don’t you think?” Quine grinned an overconfident grin, pacing impatiently between his Texan bodyguard and the Englishman, “Killed with one of your own guns, pretty powerful message if you ask me.”

“This is all very fascinating to watch, gentlemen, but I’ve got a contract to fulfil,” The Texan raised one of the Englishmans pistols and flipped the safety off, “Say goodbye to our friend mister Quine”
“See ya next lifetime, Limey!” The datashark gave a sarcasting wave at the hitman tied to the chair, chuckling at his apparent good fortune. As the Texan walked across the room towards him, the Englishman closed his eyes, ready to accept his fate. He heard the pistol’s hammer click back…

…A single shot rang out.

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Taking a holiday

Recently, dear Hypothetical Audience, I have to admit I’ve been feeling a little burned out on the blogging front. Between some goings on in real life with family, a secret project I can’t talk about until it’s done and other elements of a really hectic schedule this time of year, it’s been increasingly difficult to find the time and inclination to get into writing about something non-fictional on a regular basis of late. To this end, I think I’m going to have a holiday. The Adventures in Reality have always been an experiment into me being able to keep to a regular schedule for written pieces, and across the last 9 months I’ve done pretty well keeping to what I set down initially (beyond a couple of brief little failures). But unfortunately I must let real life take get the better of things and bow out for a bit.

Regular posts are going to stop until the end of June right now, so I can concentrate on other things. This doesn’t mean the Adventures will end, as I’ve got a couple of bits of fiction I’m waiting on proof readers for, and anything else I feel like writing, fact or fiction, will be put here first (I still have notes for a few blog posts knocking around so I’ll work through them). Come end of June hopefully I’ll be in a better position to go back to a regular update schedule again, we’ll just have to wait and see.

If any of you comprise a regular Hypothetical Audience, thanks for your views so far, and hopefully at some point in the future we’ll get this wreck back on track.

Until then, folks


On the 2015 Election

The fix is in, Hypothetical Audience, the ballots have closed and the votes have been counted, the 2015 UK General Election has come to an end. The results? For me, at least, down right disappointing. Despite opinion polls to the contrary, things went the Conservatives way, allowing them an actual majority this time around, meaning 5 more years of David Cameron in power, but this time, with him having actually won, no other party involved to get in the way of his schemes. As someone who’s been pretty much opposed to most of the coalition government’s goings on since 2010 this has not been the result I was anticipating. Not in the slightest.
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Election 2k15 gogogo

Dear Hypothetical Audience, if you live in the UK please go and vote today. This is one of the most important, most contested elections in years so go and make your boice heard!


Let’s Review: Marvel & Netflix’s Daredevil Season 1

In the past, Hypothetical Audience, I’ve mentioned how I’m somewhat a fan of the current crop of Marvel Comics-based films, albeit with some heavy caveats. As is a natural progression, they’ve also done a couple of shorter-format series (I’m not going to call them TV for reasons that will swiftly become apparent), helmed by Agents of SHIELD. I will freely admit that that particular series didn’t gel well with me, something about how the characterisations were handled and the story was paced really gelled badly. Now recently, I have been getting into this whole Netflix streaming thing, mostly for old Graham Linehan sitcoms and the American remake of House of Cards, so when news of Marvel’s recent deal with them came through I was initially apprehensive. However, when the first fruit of this collaboration, Daredevil, hit the… series of tubes (what’s an appropriate equivalent of Airwaves for the internet), I was quite surprised by the amount of good press it got compared to it’s forebears. I decided to give it a go, and y’know what? It didn’t totally suck!
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Not this week.

Due to recent familial goings on out in the real world, I’ve had most of the inspiration to write drained out this week. Normal service should resume next week. Hopefully.

Until next time


On Left-Handedness

Have you ever noticed how much odd crap is ascribed to being left-handed, Hypothetical Audience? I sure have, by virtue of being left-handed all my life (at least as far as I know), and I can tell you the amount of things it’s assumed I can and can’t do, or must have to do differently, based on handedness alone by people of the alternate persuasion is vast. In both reality and fiction these range from the every day mundane, such as needing special scissors with the blades swapped around, to the oddly specific, like only a left-handed could have committed a murder because they can only hold knives in one specific hand. It’s a very strange bit of collective ignorance that afflicts a surprisingly large number people and one that’s probably worth commenting upon.
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On Election Fever, 2k15 Edition

The five years are up, Hypothetical Audience, the playgrounds have emptied, Westminster’s head mistress has sent the children home again and, as is traditional, our country has reverted to a state of anarchy until we all manage to sort this mess out amongst ourselves. Yes, that’s right, it’s General Election time again here in dear old Blighty, so roving gangs adorned with garish rosettes are harassing innocent bystanders again. Given how the previous one was a total bust and resulted in essentially an unelected head of government taking the reins, this one is kind of important. Unlike the last one, however, things have changed substantially on the UK’s political landscape over the last half-decade, and the traditional “Big 3” parties no longer have the kind of influence over people anymore, and the minor parties can actually make a difference now. For better or worse. If you hadn’t guessed over the previous postings here (and certainly if you ever read my twitter feed) I am a very political person, so have been watching developments very closely indeed.
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Let’s Review: Blade Runner: The Final Cut at the Tyneside Cinema

I’ve seen things, dear Hypothetical Audience, that you people wouldn’t believe. But enough about my exciting life, this week I thought I’d talk to you about recent happenings. One of my favourite films of all time is the 1982 Ridley Scott masterpiece and seminal cyberpunk work Blade Runner, a film with a noted troubled history. And by troubled, I mean there are at least 5 different versions around. Really. The most recent came out in 2007 and has been referred to as the “Final Cut.” Fast forward to a few weeks ago and the British Film Institute announced a special showing of the Final cut at cinemas up and down the country. Of course I jumped at the chance, and this Friday just gone schlepped up to the wonderful Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle to go view. Which leads me neatly on to this post, a perfect way to go back to normal length posts once again.

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Normal service resumes next week!

Remember that big project I mentioned a few weeks back? Yeah, currently in the final throws of it, so no time to write anything that substantial over the weekend therefore I’m taking this one off. Should be back to form with a “Let’s Review” next week.

Until next time