Let’s Review: Blade Runner: The Final Cut at the Tyneside Cinema

I’ve seen things, dear Hypothetical Audience, that you people wouldn’t believe. But enough about my exciting life, this week I thought I’d talk to you about recent happenings. One of my favourite films of all time is the 1982 Ridley Scott masterpiece and seminal cyberpunk work Blade Runner, a film with a noted troubled history. And by troubled, I mean there are at least 5 different versions around. Really. The most recent came out in 2007 and has been referred to as the “Final Cut.” Fast forward to a few weeks ago and the British Film Institute announced a special showing of the Final cut at cinemas up and down the country. Of course I jumped at the chance, and this Friday just gone schlepped up to the wonderful Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle to go view. Which leads me neatly on to this post, a perfect way to go back to normal length posts once again.

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