Normal service resumes next week!

Remember that big project I mentioned a few weeks back? Yeah, currently in the final throws of it, so no time to write anything that substantial over the weekend therefore I’m taking this one off. Should be back to form with a “Let’s Review” next week.

Until next time


On a Lack of Ideas

I’ll level with you, Hypothetical Audience, I have absolutely no idea what to write this week. Total Zip. Part of me wants to write about the past weeks events and their ramifications, part of me wants to avoid the subject entirely and write something entertaining, but on either case I’m not feeling anywhere near enough inspiration to actually come up with anything substantial, and especially not enough to do justice to current events. So here I am, on a winter Sunday afternoon just typing whatever comes to mind in a bid to come up with something. And it royally sucks, if you ask me. I started doing this on a regular basis to both get into practice with writing deadlines and to try and get a constant stream of inspiration flowing, and this feels like a bit of a failure on both counts. It’s especially grating when I know I do have a steady stream of views from all over the place, so presumably I’m not the only one reading this. Right now, I’m blaming fatigue, as I’ve not been sleeping too well the last few days and it’s left me a little… vague, for lack of a better word.

Anyway, that’s the situation, and why there’s not a lengthy post this week. Really sorry about not having anything, but hopefully there’ll be some improvement next week, if nothing else I have some fiction resting in my hard drives that just needs proofing and polishing before unleashing on the world. I surmise I’ll be revising my technique and time management in future to prevent this from happening again.

Until next time, folks
—Nope, still nothing :/

On Being Inordinately Busy This Week

I’ve had something of a busy week this last 8 or so days, so going to have to take one off. Sorry guys, but normal service should resume shortly and I’ll be in orbit again next monday.

Until next time, folks


–Genuinely surprised I managed to last 10 weeks before resorting to this