On Continuing

Excuse me a second as I blow the dust off my blogging engine will you? Ahem. There we go.

Hello, hypothetical audience, it has been such a long time hasn’t it? I figured, since this fully armed and operational… I mean URL’d up blog is actually getting some intermittent content from me once again I might as well hammer keys to circuit board and actually blog again, but more on that later. First, since it’s been such a long time since I did this outside of fiction, how are you all?
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On the Past’s Future

Ever notice how the future never quite ends up how we thought it would? No matter how lofty our predictions, or how optimistic we think, things always fall short and we end up stuck in a boring era totally bereft of jetpacks and flying cars. Not that that stops us from trying to dream up such improbable futures, oh no. Every generation has their fair share of fiction taking wildly different ideas on how the future will turn out with varying degrees of seriousness, and the whole thing fascinates me deeply, often not because of what they get right but what they get wrong.

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On Going Forward

Hello my hypothetical audience, did you miss me? I ask not really expecting a response, as in well aware no one reads this stuff, but nonetheless here I am once again trying to make a go of this blog lark. Lucky us.

The reason I stopped after such a barnstormer couple of months was, unfortunately, the sudden onset of paid employment. The upside was that I could actually live at affordable means again, downside was the relocation, loss of spare time and constant tiredness that comes from early mornings. Needless to say blogging was not forefront of my mind for the last twelve months (not to say I’m not grateful for the sudden change in luck). Of late, however, I’ve been trying to get back in the writing game, since of all my various hobbies and interests that’s the one that keeps drawing me back after all the years. Which brings me nicely back to here.

To keep things interesting and keep my skills sharp I’ve decided to make this blog thing a regular deal for the foreseeable future. Every Monday evening GMT, barring two weeks off at Christmas, I’ll endeavour to write something here, be it my usual rumblings (the “On [subject]” stuff), any fiction I happen to write or maybe some media reviews and anything else I can think of to keep things fresh. Either way I’m going to be getting into the deadline lark for better or ill. Getting into good practice, see? And hopefully as time goes on this’ll help me improve any of the skills I need for the writing thing.

In addition, I’ve also decided to try, though less rigidly than the above, to write a thousand words of fiction a week too. I know that a professional writer is supposed to be able to do that a day, but I’m also doing a 8-4:30 job at the same time, so cut me some slack. Again, this is to sharpen the old skills and get my insane creative flair out there. Some of it I’ll publish, some of it I won’t, it depends upon what it is, why I wrote it and if I can get it proofed. It’s also a convenient cheat for the “once a week blog post” outlined previously, because I’m clever like that. As always, Anything I do decide publish will likely be here, on DA and/or Weasyl, although some formats may preclude one or the other depending on what I cook up.

I’m also planning some other changes for the blog. First and foremost a domain name will be purchased, mainly to avoid over reliance on a “.wordpress.com” address. Not entirely sure what it’ll be yet, but I have a short list drawn up, so shouldn’t be too long before that happens. After that I’m considering adding a seperate blog, or index or something exclusively for my fiction works, just so I can put it all under one roof and have somewhere to put more precious works up without the dubious copyright status of some art sites. Perhaps this’ll lead to a proper website around the blog, but that’s far off at the very least.

Either way, I finally have plans for all this stuff, which is either exciting or terrifying, I haven’t decided yet. We’ll have to wait and see how it pans out over the coming weeks, won’t we? The fun starts next week with some musings on the nature of fandom I’ve been wanting to write down for a while now.
‘Till next time, folks,

–Have I ever mentioned I hate the phrase “Going Forward?”