2018 Holiday Message

Merry Christmas or whichever winter light festival you and your loved ones choose to celebrate, and a Very Happy New Year, dear Hypothetical Audience, see you all in 2019 to continue our adventures!


Election 2k15 gogogo

Dear Hypothetical Audience, if you live in the UK please go and vote today. This is one of the most important, most contested elections in years so go and make your boice heard!


Not this week.

Due to recent familial goings on out in the real world, I’ve had most of the inspiration to write drained out this week. Normal service should resume next week. Hopefully.

Until next time


Normal service resumes next week!

Remember that big project I mentioned a few weeks back? Yeah, currently in the final throws of it, so no time to write anything that substantial over the weekend therefore I’m taking this one off. Should be back to form with a “Let’s Review” next week.

Until next time


Bah Humbug Day 2k14

Merry Christmas-Or-Whatever-Winter-Solstice-Festival-You-Celebrate, dear Hypothetical Audience, and a Happy New Year to All Y’All!